2022 - ongoing 

Looking North through Art & Writing: Alternative Approaches to Landscape and Energy Ethics in Scotland

Looking North is a series of online and in-person events bringing together artists, writers and ecological conservation initiatives with a particular focus on Scotland. It is funded by The St Andrews' Centre for Energy Ethics, the Scotland's Future series, St Leonard's Postgraduate College, the Centre for Contemporary Art. 

April 2024

Association for Art History Conference Session: "Anthropocene Mobilities"   

Co-convened with Dr. Alistair Rider, senior lecturer at the University of St Andrews. 

This panel addresses travel, migration and mobility of human and non-human populations, including animals, fungi and plants, in the light of the current environmental crisis. It takes its point of reference from the sociologist Andrew Baldwin, who coined the term 'Anthropocene mobilities' to address how the concept of the Anthropocene can be explored through the lens of mobility. In so doing, Baldwin focused primarily on how discourses about mobility justice intersect with environmental considerations. But this panel aims to redress the anthropocentric focus that has defined these discussions. We wish to explore the notion of 'Anthropocene mobilities' as a means of decentring human-only narratives and diversifying current perspectives on movement, and we invite papers that bring these concerns to studies of art, culture, and its histories.

November 2023

Looking North: Exploring Sufficiency and De-Growth in Art Making and Exhibition Practices in Scotland - A Roundtable Discussion 

November 18, noon- 4 pm - Transmission Gallery, Glasgow 

Speakers: Emma Nicolson (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh/ Atlas Arts), Nick Addington (William Grant Foundation), Dr. Lucy Steeds (University of Edinburgh), and Dr. Tim Collins (Collins & Goto) 

This event is supported by the British Art Network

July 2023 

The Association for Art History's Reading Group's session on intersectional feminism in an ecocritical art history with Dr. Lisa E. Bloom (University of California - Berkeley)